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I introduce myself, my name is Marc Le Bayon. I am the sculptor. I have a state diploma of industrial model making, Bac +3. I carved since 1992 for everyone.
Since 1998 I mold my productions. In fact, I'm all alone to run PK.
I am looking for doc, masters, molds, production, production and printing of installation drawings and covers boxes.

All with only one arm, the other being severely disabled (chest / left arm ripped off 15 years ago).
Living with a disabled arm is hard enough. Living with pain occurring sporadically violent anytime and anywhere, which leaves the little finger to the ear, speaks for itself. Work by combining the two, is a tour de force that I try to do every day.
This generates delays. So that some days I am not able to respond to all requests, and I'm trying to produce the best I can.

I do not have 20 or 30 small Chinese who are working in the garage or in the back of my cellar.

If you're able to accept this, you're welcome. If you can't, I can't help you...




Marc Le Bayon

P.K. Owner & Sculptor




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